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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

How to add a favicon in Blogger

To add a favicon you need to have a favicon and there are plenty of ways to create a favicon. If you are planning on using Photoshop then you need to download this plug-in.

If that’s not possible there are plenty of sites out there that generates a favicon for you when you upload an image. Do a Google Search for "free favicon Generator" and plenty of sites would come up.  Set the size ( 16 x 16 ) capture and preview and you get a link to download the favicon.ico file. The whole process want take you five minutes.

I have used this file in Photoshop

Since you cant upload .ico files to blogger you need to find some free image hosting service to use and of course that service should let you upload .ico files .Since your using a service by Google I suggest you use Google page creator which lets you upload .ico files. Then get the link to the favicon file.
I have used fileden which is free service for uploading files

Now go to your blog and click customize. Then click the Edit HT
ML tab and search for "title" , this should be inside the header tags. You should find something like mentioned below.

Just after that line add the following line and enjoy the nice icon showing up before your url.

your url is the url for the ico file

So now Just refresh and check your blog you should have the favicon

Hey this ones for anands blog girl power


  1. Hey Nehal, thanx. I already have a favicon. But I'm not using it purposely.

    But Im sure others wud like to have them. :-)

  2. Heyy....That's for me?? The Female Sign????

    I dunno wot to say.. Thank u. HHahaa.

  3. anand Use that one just for a day