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Friday, February 6, 2009

Movie to see or not to see

having a fight with my hubby on the movie to see 2day Dev D or luck by chance will give my reivew on the film which ever I see 2morrow.


would U believe it getting a pan cards that is so easy took me days no months.
I being a busy mom and working woman (LOL) could find time for shopping chatting with friends and playing games online avoiding second life (thats a big story in itself) could not find the time to get my new pan card. so did the next best thing went to a shop boasting about pan card passport etc got my forms filled paid Rs. 250/- for a thing that cost exactly Rs 67. and went home happy.

That was 2 months ago repeated visit and fights had me listening to a dumb fellow who would U believe it lost my application form receipt. on my repeated tel conversations, visits to that shop and also trauma and mental stress he the agent for the shop owner said i will need to fill up a new form .
That had me shouting at the top of my voice. the shop fellow just paid me my 250 back.
I feeling all angry went online to find that U can get the pan card in 15 days flat and if its done online in 5 days.
I found out my new pan card has been made in my new married name I also got my application number etc all the details i wanted. which the agent should know .
I also found out that my form was accepted and will get my pan card by 2morrow as it has already been dispatched

The agent as he claims to be had just to go online type in my old pan no and get all the details including the speed post consignment no, the date of despacth everything.
I mean it was his work come on a person like me can get all the details in half and hour which took him almost 30days.
So my advice to all for pan card book it online. same goes for train ticket received it in one day at my home without paying any agents by just paying online. It was a bit difficult at first to think of using the CC but would U believe it it is safe have been using it online for past 3 years and have never had any prob.

PS plan to pay the 250 back when i get my pan card.

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