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Friday, March 27, 2009

Baby Blues

OK a real post after a long time not forwarded ones
Just few days back i spoke to a friend about the antics of my child. and just was thinking how far out this generation is . I never knew what terrorist are at 5. my 5 years old and his same aged friends play terrorist where they are the police who do encounter with the terrorist.
U should see my son pretend to speak on this toy phone "target samne hain". Kill on order.

Was I shocked when i heard that.
I remember playing with my dolls and preparing for their weddings. but this was a far cry from what I expected my kid to do.

Are they growing too fast was my question??
how do we restrict their media exposure even the cartoons 2day are full of violence. and the cartoons translated in Hindi are so pathetic .

It was my fault too a hilarious incident with my friends in my sons presence had such a effect on him i never thought.
it so happened that we i.e. my hubby and some of our friends went for the movie Dostana. my friend has met a new fellow who he gets along well with so he invited that new fellow for movie too. our seats were in different adjacent rows we were a big group so all of us sat with their spouse but that fellow sat with his new friend and his wife sat with us.
after the show his wife and all of us started teasing him about his friend saying that aaj kal he is more with this new friend then his wife. and then when ever we meet them we always ask him about his dostana.
i never thought my son noticed this . so lo and behold after few days janav i.e my son was speaking to his cousins drashya about his friends. drahya who is 5 said that his best boy friend is so and so. on that i was spellbound to hear my son go boyfriend like in dostana.

we bust out laughing but still I was worried of what he has understood of the dostana bit.


  1. Yo..Nice post. Cant underestimate the grasping capabilities of kids these days. Gtta be careful with them all around.
    Jaanav looks good btw.

  2. First I must say I loved ur profile pic with those devil horns...My 4 year old son calls me monster even though I don't wear those horns...sigh!!
    Yeah I too get some real shocks once in a while from my boy..he has his own world view for everything. sometimes those are hilarious for us but at times embarrassing too.
    Lol you guys took him along to watch Dosatana??? hope you had not read the reviews before going for the movie.
    Well abt these little tykes playing terrorists...and me and you playing with dolls and wedding thing...I just hope one day they too will grow up to realise it's not as fun to be a terrorist the same way it's not fun to be a wife....lolzzz
    Thanks for dropping by my blog and yeah you are counted in as one of the members in the girlie gang

  3. thnx anand and sakshi for droping by