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Monday, May 18, 2009

Logo Quiz

Looking back in time. Oh the good old days of games and frolic. Had a wonderful opportunity to bring out the child in me. “believe me when I say bringing out  child in me its like bring a hurricane in the house I am more of a childlike and more naughtier than my kid at times”


Had to organize games for my building kids and elders too. Had wonderful chance to play with all but the most difficult part was to think up games for teens.


My forwarded email service from some of my old friends helped me found a good idea in a logo quiz  and also anand’s puzzle blog gave me the idea to put it forward for all of You.


So my friends and fellowbloggers here are some logos for you to identify


The answers to which U get soon in the next blog


The scores

0-5 : hey my 5yr old got more than that

5-9: most teenagers in my society got it

10: now we have a genius here.


  1. hey aashish answer them
    and will let U know how right U are and whats your score

  2. Me got a 11 out of it as I identified you too with the devil horns logo....lolz

  3. Amazing when I find... I myself am so dumb when it comes to doing somone else's puzzle.
    Uh..Mac,LG,Ambuja,pepsi,kodak,that dumb tasting buiscuit and the horny u.

    HOw many did I get?? Hmm?

  4. lol
    anand ok 6 out of 10 answered but then only 4 correct

  5. Very cool...i realised I have not even seen few of the logos. Like # 1,3 and 7. No clue what they stand for.
    You have a very interesting blog!

  6. what are the answers???

  7. what id number 6?